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Winter Sail and cover servicing in full swing!

November 28, 2014

Don’t delay, make sure your sails and covers are ready for the new year.

The loft is currently busy doing winter servicing and valeting of sails and covers. This is anything from checking sails over for small signs of wear or replacing damaged suncovers.

Our full valeting service includes cleaning for sails and canvas work with the option of a new M5 Fungicidal Process which can help remove and prevent unwanted algae and black spot mildew. We also offer a Seal and Glide treatment which can improve the use of furling sails and can help bring some life back to your spinnakers. Contact us for more information and prices.


November 28, 2014

A storm trysail, a roller mainsail, a cruiser, two spinnakers, a roller-reefing genoa and two roller-reefing jibs have been added to the Secondhand Sails website.